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842 South 2nd Street,

Philadelphia, PA 19147-3430

tel.: (215) 389-8000‎

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Overcharged for ride. The man who drove us last night charged us more than double what the ride costed. When we attempted to pay with a credit card, he became very aggressive and demanded cash but we did not have any cash so he took the card and ran it for the larger amount. We argued with him for a few minutes but we were fearful that he would become violent so we quietly left. We need our money to be refunded. The name on the credit card was Jeffrey Cameron and the cab number was 794 (I believe it was a red car). My cell phone number is 609-617-5454. Call me at anytime and I would be happy to elaborate if need be. Thank you for your help.
REVIEW. I called Liberty Cab to find out if they would allow me to take a small pet in a carrier in the cab. I was told this was allowed. I arranged for the cab to pick me up 45 minutes before the scheduled vet appointment. Once the driver was 15 minutes late I called the company to find out what the problem was only to be put on hold for 30 minutes and then be disconnected. Fortunately the vet's office allowed me to come in a little late and I was able to get a ride from a friend who was just getting in from work. Mary Ellen Richardson
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